BeFoundation Purchases Historic Church in Redding, CT

Redding, CT-based BeFoundation announced its purchase of the historic Georgetown Bible Church at 5 N Main Street in Redding, CT. Originally known as the Gilbert Memorial Church, it was completed in 1902. The granite for the beautiful Church was quarried next door in Branchville under the direction of geologists from Yale University.

Built in the Gothic Revival Style, the magnificent structure with its stained glass, tower and bell, has stood the test of time and will continue to do so following needed renovations. The Church has many features found in larger churches built in this style at that time, including buttresses and pointed arch windows, a square main tower, and a round turret with a conical roof. To the rear of the church is a small cemetery containing the graves of Edwin and Elizabeth Gilbert.

“This is an important gateway property for the Georgetown Historic District and stands at a crossroads for the towns of Redding, Weston, Wilton, and Ridgefield in Fairfield County, CT. We view this as an opportunity to weave the historic Church back into the fabric of our community and achieve both social and economic returns on BeFoundation’s investment,” said Richard Wenning, BeFoundation’s Executive Director.

“Helping this historic Church become a vital community resource again reflects our commitment to Redding. It also fits with the values of SpreadMusicNow, the music education nonprofit Rich and I founded in 2013, which supports the arts to build creative and engaged communities,” BeFoundation’s founder and chairman, Greg Young added.

“Looking ahead to the redevelopment of the Gilbert & Bennett Wire Mill, we are excited to see what the Church building can become in that chapter of its historic life. In the interim, we look forward to discussing ideas for the building’s use with the Town of Redding, its residents, and local organizations interested in using it for performances, events, exhibits, and more,” Richard Wenning said.

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