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The Granite Church is an important gateway property for the Georgetown Historic District and the town of Redding, Connecticut.  It stands at a crossroads of the towns of Redding, Weston, Wilton, and Ridgefield in Fairfield County. We view this as an opportunity to weave the historic Church back into the cultural fabric of our community and help propel economic growth, supporting small businesses and our tax base.  

We are excited to see what the Church building can become, and how it can benefit the community, during this next chapter in its historic life. In the interim, we look forward to discussing ideas for the building’s use with the Town of Redding and neighboring towns, their residents, and local organizations interested in using it for performances, events, exhibits, and more.

About the Church
The Granite Church is located at 5 N Main Street in the commercial district of Georgetown. Originally known as the Gilbert Memorial Church, it was completed in 1902. The granite used was quarried next door in Branchville under the direction of geologists from Yale University.

Built in the Gothic Revival Style, the magnificent structure, with its stained glass, tower and bell, has stood the test of time and will continue to do so following needed renovations. The Church has many features found in larger churches built in this style at that time, including buttresses and pointed arch windows, a square main tower, a round turret with a conical roof, and a beautiful pipe organ. Hutchings-Votey Co. of Boston, MA, built the pipe organ circa 1900 and Edwin & Elizabeth Gilbert of Georgetown, CT, purchased it. 

A Nonprofit-Public Partnership

Learn more about the the Granite Church and read the proposal made to the Town of Redding for its redevelopment and use. 

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Gilbert & Bennett Memorial Church Gilbert & Bennett Memorial Church
GIlbert & Bennett Memorial Church GIlbert & Bennett Memorial Church

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December 2022: What’s New at the Granite Church in Georgetown?

From financial plans to community engagement, we're thrilled about the progress being made to bring the Granite Church to life and to fulfill its promise as an art and cultural gathering space for our community. We're busy on many fronts and are excited to share an update as we close... more

BeFoundation Purchases Historic Church in Redding, CT

Redding, CT-based BeFoundation announced its purchase of the historic Georgetown Bible Church at 5 N Main Street in Redding, CT. Originally known as the Gilbert Memorial Church, it was completed in 1902. The granite for the beautiful Church was quarried next door in Branchville under the direction of geologists from... more


We strive for transparency with the community in all that we do. Here you’ll find the latest resources regarding the Granite Church and our hopes for the future. Let us know if you’d like to engage further at


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